Work Barnett’s pads at high noon

If I only had four hours to fish during the month of August on a Mississippi lake, I’d fish the lily pads at Ross Barnett. At this time of year, the bass like to get under the pads because they can hide out in the shade, the water is cooler and there’s plenty of oxygen. […]


Dog ’Em, Don’t Lose ’Em

In the fading light of the fall afternoon, a nice buck appeared, well within bow range of the archer in his treestand at Willow Point, a part of Tara Wildlife near Vicksburg. The hunter drew his bow, released the arrow and hit the buck, but the buck vanished. […]


Redfish Rewards

Looking for some exciting redfish action this month off Mississippi’s coastal marsh zones, barrier islands, and in the Gulf of Mexico? Well listen up and take note of some of the most productive sites, tactics and gear for landing a few of those bronze bruisers. […]


Hog Wild

Mississippi has two types of properties — land with wild hogs and land on the verge of homing feral swine. Feral hogs have become one of the biggest wildlife concerns for most game managers in Mississippi and throughout the nation. […]


Useful Idiots

Crankbaits have earned the nickname “idiot baits” because they are so easy to fish that any idiot can throw one out, reel it back and catch a bass. And, not to ruffle any feathers across the Magnolia State, but these so-called idiot baits work really well in Mississippi. […]


Get ready now for hunting season

This time of year, most hunters are hunkered down under an air-conditioning vent. It’s still a bit of a wait until hunting season, but that doesn’t slow down the daydreams or anticipation. Patience may be a grand virtue, but in August, it’s wearing thin for hunters. […]