Nikon Bolt XR

Designed specifically for a crossbow, the all-new Bolt XR 3×32 scope from Nikon is packed with features, including the all-new Nikon BDC 60 Reticle calibrated specifically for crossbow bolts with velocities of approximately 305 fps. […]

Deer Hunting

Hunt a deer lease now

In Mississippi, it’s easier to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow than to locate a decent deer and turkey hunting lease. The second toughest thing is to keep one if you ever do find it. I know this from personal experience. Having talked to countless other hunters in this same search mode along the way, I know I am hardly in this predicament alone. […]

Bass Fishing

Dollar Bass

In Martella’s case, the frequency he participates in the outdoors may just be his secret to success. It’s long been said you can’t get into the action while sitting on the bench. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Fish Wars: Do sport fishes compete

It’s the time of the year when white bass, striped bass and hybrid striped bass group up and chase shad, often corralling them near the surface where they have nowhere to escape. “Schooling” whites, stripes and hybrids can make for some exciting fishing on late afternoons in the summer. Catching these schooling, lure-crushing fish has salvaged more than a few of my black bass outings after sweating through a long Mississippi summer day for only a couple of bites. […]