Turn predators into prey

Look well at the face of a coyote.

It seemingly has on its lips a sly smile, a blatant smirk suggesting confidence that it possesses superior woodscraft, patience and talent than a human hunter, and that cynical superiority carries over into its fiendish, yellowish, eyes. […]

Deer Hunting

Coyote harassment and bedding

Coyotes are known for disrupting the whitetail’s normal feeding and bedding routines. This harassment can cause deer to be highly unpredictable, becoming more evasive in their attempts to throw off the canines. […]


Hayfield Coyotes

Shot Risher has a great vantage point from the seat of his tractor to see just where his hay mower is cutting. Since some of his fields are quite large, it takes several minutes to make a pass. Starting at the outside and working toward the center, one of the more common sights are field mice scampering for cover.

Often they run toward the center of the field and the last remaining tall grass.

Coyotes have learned the sound of the hay mower and tractor result in easy pickings, as the mice lose their tall grass cover. The same goes for hawks and even owls. The rodents that flee into the small, wooded areas are likely to be greeted by a bobcat, coyote or even a large snake. […]