Deer Hunting

For best results, avoid taking culls

The debate is fully entrenched now. It crept in through the back door, but now it pops up all over the place. It certainly caught me off guard. In fact, I probably would never have seen the issue on the Mississippi deer hunting radar screen if a co-worker had not mentioned it to me.

Jason Pope burst into my office one day with an agitated look on his face.

“Have you been reading the deer hunting forum on the state wildlife web site lately?” he asked.

I confessed I had not.

“Well, what’s all this noise about cull bucks? I think these guys are just making up excuses for having ground-checked a buck finding it was a lot smaller than anticipated, and now they’re covering their tracks by calling them cull bucks.” […]


2009 Turkey Season Preview, Part I

To learn how landowners can have more turkeys on their land, the link between turkey management and timber management and the latest research on turkey predation, Mississippi Sportsman talked with Dave Godwin, wild turkey program coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP). […]


Save gas and catch plenty trout

According to Capt. Tom Moore of the Strictly Too, docked at Point Cadet Marina near the Isle of Capri Casino Resort in Biloxi, most people overlook some of the best January speckled-trout fishing on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast while they’re searching for speckled trout. […]


January’s best action at Turkey Fork

The best spot for catching bass in January is federally owned Turkey Fork Lake, east of Richton in Perry County. Restocked in 1994, this lake holds a number of man-made structures, 24- to 25-foot-deep water and a lot of lily pads in its back end. The lake’s small size (240 acres) is one of the reasons I like to fish it in January. […]


Betting your life on a paperweight?

If you have an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) for your boat and it’s old, you need to take a quick look at it. EPIRB’s that operate on 121.5 mHz or 243 mHz will become paperweights after February 1, 2009. The search and rescue satellite aided tracking (SARSAT) satellites will not process those frequencies after that date. […]