Bass Fishing

Oxbows hold hot June bass action

This month I’ll be fishing Chotard Lake, an oxbow off the Mississippi River north of Vicksburg near Redwood. Because of all the rain we’ve had this year, Chotard should have good water levels. Not only does Chotard hold a good population of bass, the two sister lakes on the sides of Chotard — Albemarle and Tennessee — also will yield plenty of nice-sized bass, if the water level is high enough to reach them. […]


DSC invaluable in VHF marine radios

Digital selective calling (DSC) features on VHF marine radios have been around for almost a decade. This feature lets you call other radios with the press of a button, using the called radio’s Maritime Mobile Service Identification number (MMSI) like a telephone number. […]


Marsh Maniacs

Every time our live shrimp and plastic jigs hit the water, we’d feel a thump on the line, the rods would pretzel, the drags would squeal and big speckled trout would come to the boat. […]

Bass Fishing

Power Packed

Easing through fog so thick you could almost cut it with a knife, FLW angler Ken Murphy quickly formulated a plan to utilize the sudden change of weather conditions to his benefit. The seasoned pro quickly broke out his trusty watermelon-colored Fluke, and began pitching to cover along the shoreline of Lake Tom Bailey. […]


Home on the Range

In the poem penned by Brewster Higley in 1873 that later became the State Song of Kansas, Home on the Range lyrics included the most noted line: “Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.” […]