Deer Hunting

October is the interlude month

For many deer hunters, the month of October is it. Me included. The weather is starting to change. Cool fronts are coming in. Bowhunting is in full swing, and archers are already bringing bucks in for mounting and public appreciation. The saws and meat grinders at the venison processors are whining at high speed. Anticipation for the upcoming gun season in November is whelming up inside hunters of every age and sex. […]

Bass Fishing

Sardis is moving, shaking in October

This month, I’ll be fishing Sardis Reservoir. The lake’s been on a downturn for several years, as far as the size and the numbers of bass. However, with the new regulations and the slot limit enforced by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, the bass population has made a comeback. […]


Say Cheese!

There was an absolute monster easing through the thicket, and the sight sent Travis Murray’s heart into palpitations. The Crosby hunter had been chasing the 11-point all bow season, beginning by climbing high into trees with spurs, and finally settling into the pop-up blind in which now he sat. […]


Delta Tree Rats

This account describes the final scene in the story as young Ike McCaslin emerges from the forest and finds veteran woodsman Boon Hogganbeck working frantically to put his malfunctioned gun back together at the base of a lone gum tree near the forest edge. […]