Features from July 2018

  • Classic baits for Mississippi’s state-lake bass

    Opportunities abound in the Magnolia State for busting bass. Mississippi is full of time-proven lakes of the highest rank. Whether it’s lily pads in a cove, stands of cypress trees, flooded, dying timber, deep creek channels, grass beds, submerged trees or fields of stumps — we have it all.

  • Fishing, family style
    Doreen Conner sat in the shade of a big pine, about 30 feet from the bank of Simpson Legion Lake, with her two sons, ages 7 and 9, sitting on overturned 5-gallon buckets, fishing poles in hand.
  • Power up for deep slabs
    It’s true that subtle, patient presentations can prove very valuable to fishermen. We’re often told that “Slow-and-steady wins the race.”
  • Solve summer’s speckled trout riddles
    Look for contrast when targeting Biloxi Marsh speckled trout during the hot months. They’re usually near a change: current, bottom, color, depth.
  • Summer-size your catfish tactics
    The hottest months may not be the best time to target trophy cats, but numbers of smaller fish are available for the taking across Mississippi.
  • Turn predators into prey
    Look well at the face of a coyote. It seemingly has on its lips a sly smile, a blatant smirk suggesting confidence that it possesses superior woodscraft, patience and talent than a human hunter, and that cynical superiority carries over into its fiendish, yellowish, eyes.

Columns - July 2018

  • July: frog time at Ross Barnett
    July is when bass in Ross Barnett go to the lily pads that are plentiful in the reservoir, which is a relatively shallow lake, holding numbers of 5- to 6-pound fish.
  • LiveTarget’s Scaled Sardine Twitchbait

    A veteran saltwater fishing guide out of Sarasota, Florida, has an artificial bait that looks so much like the real thing, it’s irresistible to speckled trout, redfish and snook in the shallow waters he fishes along the coast.

  • Mango barbecue shrimp
    If you haven't been outside for a while, let me warn you, the temperature is leaning heavily toward the hot side. Cool days are in the mid-80s, and hot days steam into the 90s, with humidity numbers almost as high. Still, it's comfortable most evenings to cook on your deck or patio. 
  • Never too early for trail cams
    A question I was asked by a deer hunter the first week of June stands out as July rolls around. He wanted to know in what stage bucks’ antler growth would be, but the big question was, “Would it be worth it to put cameras up?”
  • Take a good look at this new sight
    Each year at the Archery Trade Association’s trade show, there’s usually one new product that has the most “buzz” around the show.
  • Why are crappie so big in flood-control lakes
    Mississippi’s flood-control reservoirs — Arkabutla, Enid, Grenada and Sardis — are regarded by many anglers as the best in the country for big white crappies.

Outdoor Updates - July 2018

Field Notes - July 2018