Features from June 2018

  • Cool runnings, hot bassing
    Ken Covington steered his boat to just the right spot in the shallow creek, putting his father and favorite fishing partner, Jerry Covington, where he could pitch a white spinnerbait near a promising brush top. 
  • Cork it, buddy
    Patrick McDowell uses one so he can sling his bait far enough to reach places where big redfish live, perhaps 50 yards past the point he can maneuver his big deep-draft boat.
  • Go off(shore) for summer bass
    The premise “one-size-fits-all” rarely fits in the bass-fishing scene, and it most certainly isn’t the case for summer, offshore pursuits.
  • Pad pandemonium
    My apologies to Robert Browning for the misuse of his poem about such a pastoral scene, but lily pads, aka lotus, and a myriad of other blooming flora do tend to sparkle under the summer morning sun.
  • Put the move on Mississippi’s corridor cats

    Anyone who has spent any amount of time fishing on one of the flood-control lakes along Mississippi’s I-55 corridor has witnessed boats trolling back and forth with rods hanging off their sides. 

  • Sting the king

    Lean, mean biting machines, king mackerel pack a mouthful of sharp teeth that’ll make short work of monofilament or even fluorocarbon line. These fish are also notorious for snipping baits in half and missing single hook-rigs. A double dose of frustration, to be sure, but this worthy opponent can be beaten — with the right equipment.

  • Take a shot at summer bass
    ‘Shoot’ your bait back into the dark recesses under a dock, and you’ll get more looks from hungry bass that dig the shade.

Columns - June 2018

  • Bet on Pickwick’s ledges during June
    Pickwick Lake is a great ledge lake. Although you primarily will be fishing for and catching largemouths there in June, when you get a strike, you don’t know what you’ll reel in, because all types of fish and baitfish will be running those ledges.
  • Enhance habitat, fish will respond
    Table Rock Lake is a 43,100-acre impoundment on the White River in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri that was built in 1958.
  • Former guide displays big-time cooking skills
    Rule No. 1 in our house is to never pass up a chance to put your feet under Mary Poe's kitchen table. Her recipes appear in three of the six Louisiana Seafood Bible books, and they're all great. 
  • Prepare yourself and be cautious
    We find ourselves in the “in-between season.” Here in the Deep South, it is not only the season of insects, heat and humidity, snakes and poison ivy, but it is also the season of summer food plots, bush-hogging of fields and roads and weed spraying.
  • Ride ‘em, cowboy
    Before Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits' Cowboy soft plastic creature bait was unveiled at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic in South Carolina, a few bass anglers were fortunate to have Ron Colby's latest creation.
  • Tenpoint adds a new crossbow

    As the majority of our hunting population ages, crossbows have steadily moved to the forefront of today’s archery market. 

Outdoor Updates - June 2018

Field Notes - June 2018