Bass Fishing

Put a skirt on – and punch that jig

Punch skirts are popular with many bass anglers because they turn normal creature baits into essentially jig presentations. Bass angler Jeff Bruhl put the technique to good use during a September bass-fishing trip to Venice, La., just before the river jumped up due to late-summer rains in the Midwest.



Hooked on Quack — Make effective use of duck calls

The water was high, but it wouldn’t be for long.

A northwest wind baring fangs sharpened in Canada tore through our camo coats and waders, making the short night spent in our warm beds seem like some type of surreal fantasy.

This was a serious blow that would drop temperatures to near-record levels later that night, but at this point, the wind was still on a seek-and-destroy mission, hunting down any semblance of recalcitrant warmth that remained, and driving it way out into the Gulf of Mexico.


Deer Hunting

Now or Never?

Ronnie Corkern had to wait only one year to see the value of quality-buck management.

Five years ago, his third season hunting a 2,200-acre tract in Jefferson County, Corkern had a beautiful 15-inch-wide 13-point at only 10 yards.

The buck was as good as dead. All Corkern had to do was pull the trigger, and he’d have another rack for his trophy room. […]

Deer Hunting

State offers deer seminars

Successful deer hunters are those who constantly seek to learn more about their quarry.

There may be no better way to do that than to attend one of two seminars offered by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks and Mississippi State University.

The two-day courses, titled Managing White-Tailed Deer, include discussions on Management Concepts on Day 1 and Management Applications on Day 2. […]


Antler Tynes

Dr. Scott Tynes’ father, the late Rev. J.W. Tynes, was the type of man who always knew where the right place was at the right time.

Back in the days when Mississippi deer were more rumor than reality, the elder Tynes would play the role of huntmaster in unmanageably large and fabulously gregarious dog drives, and somehow, Tynes always intuitively recognized the sweet spot — the one draw or ridge or saddle where the dogs would inevitably push the deer. […]