Lee Farms: Part Two

As promised in an earlier “part one” feature on Lee Farms, we recently made a return visit there to see how they were progressing on their infrastructure, primarily the massive two-story all-purpose building. […]

Deer Hunting

Now’s the time to bag your trophy

Gather around the campfire boys, it’s time for some soapbox preaching. It’s the heat of the deer hunting season. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot and the whitetail buck testosterone is running wild. […]


Tree Rat Resurgnece

“This is as good as it gets,” Neal Brown said as he stoked a Tennessee-style flintlock in .32 caliber. “I’ve done a lot of hunting, but squirrel hunting with a dog and the flintlock is my favorite. Let’s see what Barlow puts up down here in the swamp.” […]


Dove Delay

Not many of us think of hunting small game, especially doves, during the dead of winter. It is true that while dove hunters come out en masse on Labor Day and a few weekends afterwards in September, only a few “professional” dove hunters take to the fields during the second and third seasons in the Magnolia State. […]



Your heart is still pounding uncontrollably as the overdose of adrenaline rushes through your veins. Only seconds have passed since you squeezed the trigger on the biggest buck you’ve ever seen. Everything happened so fast that it almost seemed like a dream. […]

Deer Hunting

Is vanilla your favorite rifle flavor?

Wake-up calls can come from the strangest places at the strangest times. While attending a gun show in Jackson a few months back, I got a rude awakening from a guy walking the show floor. I was carrying a Remington 700 Mountain Rifle with the detachable magazine, which is no longer made, with the intent to sell or trade it. […]


Happy Trails

Deer hunters are always looking for an edge to help them harvest that buck of a lifetime, and as any successful deer hunter will acknowledge, information is the most valuable resource when hunting trophy whitetails. […]


Big Bucks on Small Plots

Clayton Brister Jr. of Monticello has proved the old adage “less is more”, especially when planning green fields and plots for big bucks. Most hunters search for large tracts of land to hunt, thinking that the more property they have to hunt, the more and bigger bucks they can take. […]


Bar-Belly Blowout

When I mention goose hunting to average bystanders, most of them immediately comment about the thousands of snow geese seen standing by the roadside during the winter months and early spring. […]


Top 5 Big Buck Lures

Ever heard of a hunter catching a buck on a buzz bait? Sometimes it seems that deer hunters seeking trophy bucks are just like lunker bass anglers in terms of their pursuit. Each has their favorite spots to “test the waters,” and each has high hopes that the very next cast or shot will yield the trophy they seek. […]