Be ready for opening day of deer season

The first week of Mississippi’s gun season will be the best time, outside of the rut, to take a big buck. Have all your ducks in a row.

Make your home in a big buck’s home range this season

If hunters want to be successful this season, they need to find a whitetail buck’s home range and core area. Here are some helpful tips.

Don’t miss November – November can be trophy time for Mississippi deer hunters

Early gun season across Mississippi offers deer hunters some great opportunities for tagging a big buck this season.

Rockin’ the pre-rut – The pre-rut is the real time to take a big buck in Mississippi

With the arrival of November in Mississippi, rutting activity starts to fall across the northern tier of counties.

Top 7 tips of a buck killer

John Pecoraro of Youngsville, La., has learned how to fool wily bucks. Here are his keys to mid-season hunting success.

Hunting bucks in the barriers

Big bucks love barrier type habitats because they offer a bit of a sanctuary hidden away from most human intervention or contact.

Top 4 tips to stay scent free when hunting

It’s a common practice for deer hunters to make themselves as scent-free as possible before heading to their stand. Here are some tips.

7 things you should have in your deer pack

A list of items that are essential to success when deer hunting and to help ensure you have what you need during those long sits.

Top 3 ways to kill a buck on opening day

Finding rich food sources is of paramount importance as the opening of deer season approaches. Here are three opening day tips.

Calm before the storm — Deer hunting tips for the prerut

Before bucks go stark-raving mad with lust is a great time to put some meat in the freezer. Here’s how to ambush deer during the prerut.