Favorite time to fish frogs for bass

According to Cameron, the prime time for fishing frogs is the first couple hours of the day.

Dawn is Josh Cameron’s favorite time to throw a frog.

“Prime time for fishing frogs is the first couple hours of the day, whether you’re fishing along shorelines or shallow grass,” said Cameron. “The bass will usually be more active during the prime times of early morning and late afternoon.”

But that doesn’t mean the lures won’t attract bites later in the day.

“Once the sun gets up high and the bass move back into the thick matted grass or moss, I’ll fish right up on top of it and slow down,” Cameron said. “Of course I’ll concentrate on fishing the outside edges first, but then I’ll move farther back and work that frog real slow.

“I really like to cast that frog way back into the grass and cover a lot of water.”

If the bass are biting the frog, Cameron will stick with it all day. However, if they quit biting it or slow way down, he’ll simply switch techniques and try something different.

“I don’t usually like to fish a frog all day, but I do like to fish it during the prime times, as long as they are biting it,” Cameron said.

That said, there are times he’ll pick it up again — just to be sure.

“Once they quit, I’ll leave them alone awhile and then come back and try them again later,” Cameron said. “If they don’t bite early in a normally productive area, I’ll usually hit them again and sometimes catch them later on when they feed again.”

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