The theory of white

This Okatibbee crappie couldn’t resist the new Reality Shad Buffet Rig by Roadrunner Lures.

T. J. Stallings has come up with his “theory of white” after fishing in the Alabama River. The water is very dark in an area where the Coosa River ends and the Alabama River begins, and Stallings catches spotted bass and crappie on solid-white lures.

“My theory of white is that the fish’s eyes are on the top of their heads, always looking up for white bellies,” he said.

With that in mind, Stallings came up with a multi-rig jighead combo attached together with a wire resembling a spinnerbait, with one jig riding on top of the other. Connecting two jigs like this, gives the fish a bigger target and multiple lures to attract their attention.

He dubbed this latest creation the Reality Shad Buffet Rig, and itwas tested across America last year by a select crew of field testers. The lure is a few months behind production, so isn’t available to the public yet.

The lure is perfect for casting to scattered fish relating to stumps and stickups and equally adept at catching fish in the shallow flats and creek channels and in locations where they school up.

To maximize the lure’s effectiveness, the Reality Shad Rig has small willow-leaf blades that sound just like shad when being retrieved.

“The Reality Shad Buffet Rig has been giving us real good success but almost every crappie that we catch on it strikes the bottom jig,” Stallings said.

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