Gator-Tail GTR 37 17 x 54

Duck hunters are a dedicated lot and constantly face the challenge of getting away from the easy-to-reach places to more-productive hunting grounds. And the new Gator-Tail GTR 37 17 x 54 Extreme Series offers power, safety and comfort while taking hunters places they hadn’t previously thought possible.

Gator-Tail boats and motors are designed and tested by people who expect and demand the most from them. If they are good enough for Gator-Tail employees, other hunters shouldn’t have any issues.

The Gator-Tail GTR 37 17 x 54 Extreme Series is a popular package used by hunters and fishermen in shallow southern bayous.

Its Extreme Series hull features a stepped chine design to enable sharp handling, speed and a dryer ride. They come in 54- and 60-inch widths paired with 16-, 17-, 18- and 20-foot lengths.

Standard Extreme Series amenities include a front hatch, under-deck storage, seat pedestal, trolling motor mount, grab bar, drop deck and a smooth floor design. Several accessories popular with duck hunters include LED swamp lights, a welded-in gun box and “Gator Grass” camo paint.

Gator-Tail boats have a reputation for being tough-as-nails hunting workhorses, and they have recently improved the rib design to strengthen the boat while also making it lighter.

While the sizes are standard, Gator-Tail boats aren’t. Many accessories are available, and the company prides itself on building customized boats to suit each customer.

But Gator-Tail boats aren’t just hunting boats: The company offers boats that work for hunting, fishing and family outings all four seasons.

Depending on the accessories selected, the Gator-Tail GTR 37 17 x 54 will draft 6 to 8 inches, but they will run as shallow as 2 inches over a salt or soft bottom.

The GTR 37 is a belt-driven surface-drive mud motor noted for its power, performance and reliability, and is the motor recommended as optimum for the 17 x 54 Extreme Series hull. The GTR 37 handles stumps, rocks and logs, as well as the Extreme Series Hull, so it is a natural match and the package is set up at the factory.

• Specifications:

• Length: 17 feet

• Bottom width: 54 inches

• Beam: 68 inches

• Transom height: 21 inches

• Side height: 21 inches

• Maximum power: 37 horsepower

• Hull thickness: .125 inches 5086 marine aluminum

• Deck and floor thickness: .100 marine aluminum

• Longitudinal ribs: 2 inches by 2 inches by 1/8 inch

• Special side crimp

• Dropdeck transom

• Bow hatch

• Under deck storage

• Seat pedestal

• Trolling motor mount

• Grab bar

• Smooth deck

• Six-year hull warranty

Loreauville, La.

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