Hanko’s Aluminum Boats 22 X 7 LS

The 22 X 7 LS is the latest high-performance boat in a line of Hanko’s aluminum boats that began with workboats and now includes a little bit of everything.

In this model line, the LS stands for “Lift Series,” which references the pad crimped into the hull that lifts the boat and releases it from the water to reduce drag for faster and more-efficient running that allows covering a lot of water for fishing and hunting.

The 22 X 7 LS in the picture was outfitted with a Mercury 225, and will top out at 64 mph or cruise at 40 mph while sipping fuel.

All Hanko’s boats are built of 5052 marine-grade aluminum. The 22 X 7 LS features a 3/16-inch hull and a 1/8-inch-thick double bottom that is pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks from below or above. Even a hull that is compromised from an impact will not cause the boat to sink; only the bottom chamber will take on water.

The 22 X 7 LS with its high-lift hull is warranted for five years.

Construction includes Hanko’s internal grid rib structure to make it strong, reliable and durable enough to handle a lifetime of abuse.

The rib grid on the 22 X 7 LS begins with five 2-inch-square runners the length of the boat, and adds 2-inch-by-3-inch transverse ribs on 16-inch centers. This complex bracing makes for an inherently rigid boat that will maintain its integrity even after years of pounding across choppy water, while also handling the torque and stress of running higher horsepower to achieve the speeds many fishermen want.

The light weight and lift built into the hull also contribute to speed and economy by allowing it to ride higher on the water and, therefore, having less drag.

What many consider the beauty of a Hanko’s Boat is that after deciding on the hull, the rest is up to the customer. The standard choices begin with center console, side console or walk-through windshield. Once the basic layout is decided, the options for decks, storage boxes and other interior items are endless.

Every customer has the choice of numerous options and placements to build a one-of-a-kind interior for their personal wants or needs.


• Length: 22 feet

• Bottom width: 80 1/2 inches

• Beam: 8 feet, 8 inches

• Side Height: 29 inches

• Hull thickness (bottom-sides-transom): 3/16 inch

• Hull material: 5052 marine-grade aluminum

• 1/8-inch pressure tested double bottom

• Front decking with top hatch for dry storage

• Suggested maximum horsepower: 250 horsepower

• Commercial hull does not contain floatation (optional)

• Five-year hull warranty on Lift Series boats

Berwick, La.


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