HybridLight’s Mammoth

Talk about a flashlight that’s much, much more. That’s HybridLight’s Mammoth, a multi-light/charger that can take on just about any lighting task a sportsman can think of.

The Mammoth puts out a bright 400 lumens from an LED light, or 150 lumens as a flashlight, the difference being one click of a button. It recharges from a USB port, a built-in, retractable wall plug, or built-in solar panel. Batter life is 35 hours for the flashlight function and 18 hours as an area light from a built-in, lithium-ion battery.

The Mammoth has a rotating, magnetic base and a 120-degree flexible head that allows it to be used as a desk lamp on a campground table or a perfect, angled light for working under the hood of a vehicle or ATV.

The Mammoth, which has a MSRP of $59.95, is 9 inches long and weighs a half-ounce more than a half-pound.

More Info: www.hybridlight.com

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