September kicks off Mississippi’s fall hunting seasons

Mississippi hunters get a jump on duck season this month with a couple of weeks of teal hunting.

Fall harvest time begins in September, as hunters head to the woods and waters in search of a wide variety of fish and game. If you’re looking for an excuse to get back outdoors, then dove season is the reason many hunters will venture into the field this month. It’s a time to head to deer camp and begin preparations for the upcoming seasons, while also getting in some much-needed hunting and shooting opportunities.

The array of hunting seasons in September begins with is the Canada goose season opener on Sept. 1, running through Sept. 30. Gallinules and rails also opened on Sept. 1 and run through the end of the month.

Dove season officially began Sept. 4, and hunters across the state will be able to harvest the speedy and scrumptious birds. There’s nothing like a dove hunt with sizzling action.

The Sept. 11-26 teal season is another popular opportunity, as the little ducks descend on marshes and shallow lakes across Mississippi, offering fast-paced, challenging shooting action if you find the right spots. They are also tasty.

Youth season for squirrels runs Sept. 24-30, offering youngsters a chance to get back in the woods in search of one of the fall’s most-popular species.


Here’s what you’ll find in the September issue of Mississippi Sportsman.

Mississippi deer biologists are providing good news in all regions; they expect good public-hunting across the state on a number of well-managed tracts. Whether you want to harvest an antlerless deer, a buck or a trophy, the opportunities abound, and we cover some of the top hunting areas in each WMA region in this issue.

Elsewhere, Kinny Haddox relays some tricks of the trade when it comes to fooling deer; he tells us how to “Fake ‘em out.” Making mock scrapes can put hunters a step up on finding deer and places to hunt once the season opens. There are no shortcuts to finding and harvesting bucks, but Haddox explains how to put the odds in the hunter’s favor.

Bradley Williams discusses how it doesn’t take a 500-acre lease to kill a big buck. Look for timely advice and good information on hunting deer on small tracts; it’s a reminder that you don’t have to spend a fortune to harvest deer. It doesn’t take hundreds of acres of land to kill a big buck either, if you know how to find them and what to look for.

Tiny spinners can be panfish killers across Mississippi, especially as summer wanes and fish need a little convincing. Writer John Felsher reminds us that panfish are still around and ripe for the taking if you offer them the right lures. There’s nothing much more appealing to bream than light jigs and tiny spinners.

Felsher also shows us how to “drum up some business” in the saltwater. Black drum make a great September target along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, especially if you want to battle a huge, strong fish. Read about locating and catching these powerful yet tasty fish.

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