Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair MC

This turkey chair is ultra comfortable

The Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair MC is ultra wide for comfort, and offers a front-mounted organizer pocket to keep all your turkey calls and other essentials at the ready.

With its collapsible sturdy steel frame and padded carry strap, it’s durable and supportive, and also ready to make a move when you are.

The 20.5-inch wide seat is a full 4 inches wider than most other turkey chairs. The low profile design keeps you low to the ground, offering you stealth and comfort, as well as a great shooting height for ‘Ol Tom.

The Turkey Chair MC also works great as a predator chair, so coyotes beware!

If you’ve always hunted turkeys while sitting directly on the ground and using a tree as a backrest, this chair will change your world, keeping you ultra comfortable, which leads to more time in the field and more turkeys on the ground.

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