Boneless butterflied stuffed flounder

Boneless, butterflied stuffed flounder

This dish is outstanding, and we think it is better than flounders cooked in the oven. The recipe is Stretch Reid’s, but his wife Robin told us that the crabmeat stuffing is wonderful for stuffing mushrooms.


2 1 ½ lb. flounders

Creole seasoning

1 box Stove Top Stuffing Mix, chicken flavored

1 stick butter

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 cup fresh mushrooms, chopped

8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature

1/2 lb. crab claw meat

Creole seasoning to taste


Cut the head off each flounder. Slit the flounders down the center of the dark side. Fillet the flesh from the center to the outside edge to loosen the bones from the flesh. Insert the fillet knife between the bottom side of the backbone and the flesh and cut to loosen the flesh from the backbone. Use kitchen shears to snip the bones near the edge of the fish from the sides. Cut the backbone off as close to the tail as possible. Discard the backbone. Sprinkle the inside of the fish with Creole seasoning, and set the fish aside.

Prepare Stove Top Stuffing according to package directions. In a separate pan, melt butter; add garlic and mushrooms and sauté until tender. Add cream cheese and stir until melted. Stir in the stuffing and mix well. Gently fold in the crab meat and season with additional Creole seasoning. Fold open the slit on each flounder and fill with stuffing. Place the flesh over the stuffing and grill over medium heat, about 325 degrees for 25 minutes or until the surface of the dressing is dry. Serves 4.

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