Paddle Punks flounder light

The WooHoo! Floundering Light by Paddle Punks.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type and would rather buy a pre-made flounder light with all the accessories, Paddle Punks Quality Kayaking and Fishing Equipment and Accessories sells the Cadillac of flounder lights — the WooHoo! Floundering Light.

When Glenn Clark and David Chamberlain of Paddle Punks started floundering about two years ago they couldn’t find a floundering light that fit the bill, so they decided to make their own.

“We had been paddling out to Deer Island from the Kuhn Street pier to fish,” Chamberlain said, “and one night we decided to go floundering. I went and borrowed a gas lantern but I didn’t know how to put the mantles on. I burned the mantles out but was able to get some light out of it.

“So then I go out by myself, I don’t have a bag or anything. I have an old gig and I gig one but I don’t know what to do with my light: If I pick my gig up the fish will get away, I can’t put my light down because it’ll get wet or I’ll burn myself trying to hold it. So that didn’t work very well.”

Chamberlain shared the problems he encountered with Clark, and the flounder light of all flounder lights was born.

The WooHoo! Floundering Light uses two submersible LED lights and comes with a battery, shoulder strap, battery charger and waist pouch.

The WooHoo! Floundering Light allows a person to be self-contained; the sliding shoulder strap allows you to release the light and bag your flounder or put it on a stringer.

These lights can be purchases at Sea 2 Swamp in Gautier, Reel Local in Pascagoula or online at

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