Deer Hunting

Bruinsburg Bruiser ruins hunter for life

In 1863, General Ulysses S. Grant’s federal troops crossed the Mississippi River at a sleepy little town called Bruinsburg, where Bayou Pierre empties into the Mississippi below a magnificent mansion named Windsor that later burned, leaving only stately columns standing as mute testimony to the former glory the federal troops saw when they climbed those steep bluffs. […]

Bass Fishing

Largemouths rule Pickwick now

Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River, located in the corner of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, is making a comeback this year. The grass is growing in the lake, and the largemouth are responding to the additional habitat. The fishing has been really good there this year. […]

As Big As they Grow

Not a champ, but not a chump either

I just had one of the best crappie-fishing experiences ever, and I’d like to tell you about it. The Magnolia Crappie Club held the Magnolia State Crappie Championship on beautiful Wolf Lake recently. This was one of the best tournaments in the 16-year history of the state’s largest crappie club. […]

Bass Fishing

The Enid Equation

When quite a few 25-pound-plus stringers were weighed in by bass club anglers last year at Enid Lake, it invariably raised questions in the minds of state fisheries biologists. […]


Hog Heaven

Crouching low to the ground, I strain to see through the tangled jungle of briars and pin oaks ahead. It is fairly easy crawling, as I make my way toward the commotion, barely 40 yards more. […]

Bass Fishing

King of the Creeks

Phillip Chisolm pitched his Bandit crankbait onto the rocky shoals of Okatibbee Creek, and began working the lure slowly back until it was stopped dead in its tracks, engulfed by a ravenous spotted bass. The diminutive fish fought with a vengeance rivaled only by its cousin, the hard-fighting smallmouth bass. […]


GPS: Quest for the bullseye

GPS units navigate by satellites that circle the earth twice a day at an altitude of almost 11,000 miles, yet the system can take you back to within a boat length of a location you saved in memory. Thinking about that makes my head hurt, so like most other fishermen, I prefer to just take the system for granted. […]