WMA Wastelands?

There is a common misconception among many deer hunters that public land — wildlife management areas in particular — are vast wastelands where orange-clad wanderers roam the woods from daylight until dark. […]

Bass Fishing

Pond Particulars

You consistently can catch more big bass out of well-managed ponds and small lakes than from any large reservoir not intensively managed for big bass. You also can manage small ponds and lakes to consistently grow a number of easy-to-catch 5-pound-plus bass. […]

Bass Fishing

Ledges, grass hold Pickwick bass

Pickwick Lake, on the Tennessee River in the northeastern corner of Mississippi, has productive August bass fishing due to current running through it because of the high demand for hydroelectric power, its Asiatic clam and mussel beds where largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass like to feed and its abundance of grass, which provides shade, ambush sites and plenty of oxygen for the bass. […]