Bass Fishing

Leaf River is a summertime gem

This month, I’ll be floating the Leaf River between Hebron and Moselle, which is a beautiful stretch of water that twists and winds through some of the prettiest country in Mississippi. Also, it has nice-looking banks, good cover, eddy breaks and other ideal habitat for spotted bass, and receives very little fishing pressure. […]


Plug and play beats plug and pray

Bad connections can cause your electronics to do things that are science-fiction strange. They can cause simple problems like a unit failing to power-up, but they prefer to hide behind sneaky, intermittent troubles that could be caused by dozens of things. The complete list of possible problems (if you could make a complete list) wouldn’t fit on this page. […]


Buying into bowhunting tech trends

The hard part about evaluating archery gear is trying to separate the buzz-word hype from real performance. Often we are sold on mere catch phrases conjured up by marketing and sales magicians working in the smoke-filled back rooms apart from product development and manufacturing. […]

Bass Fishing

Where did all the bass go?

Hundreds of bass tournaments are held each year on Mississippi lakes, reservoirs and rivers, and some anglers attribute declines in bass populations to tournaments. The “tournament issue” is neither new nor restricted to Mississippi. […]


Power Trip

To the uninitiated angler, the pontoon boat motoring across the early morning water looked like a Chinese fire drill minus the firemen. Every rod displayed across the front of the ‘toon had a hard bend in it — the rod tips almost dragging in the water. […]

Bass Fishing

No Bluffin’

Undeterred by sizzling summer temperatures approaching the upper 90s, Lee Comans directed me to the spillway area of the Bluff Lake Dam as dawn broke. Working the grass along the dam, Comans pitched a jig into the edge of a grass patch, and felt the tell-tale thump of a nice bass. Reeling in his slack, he set the hook hard, and the bass took off toward our boat like a torpedo. […]


Tink’s Vanish

Tink’s new Vanish Odor Elimination products are a surefire way to make sure your scent vanishes before the deer do. This new line utilizes patented technology that has been scientifically proven to destroy more than 300 odor-causing compounds produced by the human body. […]