Getting Grounded

Quite often tactics used for deer hunting come around full circle over time. Just a mere 30 years ago, virtually no deer hunter had ever heard of a factory-manufactured lock-on tree stand, ladder stand or climber, much less seen or used one. A few hunters built elevated tree houses to hunt out of, some fabricated pallet platforms up in a tree, or others more likely just wedged a 2×6 board into the Y-juncture of two tree-trunk limbs. […]


Lee Farms: Part Two

As promised in an earlier “part one” feature on Lee Farms, we recently made a return visit there to see how they were progressing on their infrastructure, primarily the massive two-story all-purpose building. […]


Pontoon pinging is a little different

A friend showed me his new pontoon boat, and I was impressed until I saw how a sonar transducer was mounted on the back of a pontoon. I remarked that it probably wouldn’t work above idle speed, and he confirmed that as soon as he throttled up above fast idle the fish finder lost its reading. […]