Deer Hunting

Thoughts on the science of trail cameras

Things have really changed over the past 40-odd years when it comes to deer hunting. There would certainly be some debate regarding certain aspects of the sport, but for the most part — in my humble opinion — we as deer hunters have never had it better than we do right now, especially here in the Deep South. […]


Magic Markers — Why the rut plays such a role in deer hunting success

Few periods of a deer’s life are as important to hunters as that reproductive time commonly called the Rut. It is the subject of much discussion, anticipation and study. It is the one time each year when hunters have a better-than-average chance at seeing and harvesting a trophy buck. But do you as a hunter know how to best use the collective research to kill the trophy of a lifetime? […]


Speck Specialist — How to hunt Delta specklebellies

Goose hunting has never been a major part of the Mississippi waterfowling experience. There just haven’t been that many of the B-52-sized birds migrating through the state to attract that much attention. But that has changed in recent years, as agricultrual practices along the Mississippi Delta have changed. And, so while most Magnolia waterfowlers dream of that perfect flight of greenheads cupping into their spreads, Canton’s Jacob Sartain and his buddies have spent every available minute trying to outsmart wave after wave of geese. […]