Freshwater Fishing

Fish in a Barrel

Every angler who has ever wet a hook has an idea of the perfect place to catch fish. For some, it might be a private farm pond, for others it may be a secret set of coordinates out in the Gulf. The one thing these perfect places have in common is that when you go there, you catch fish. […]

As Big As they Grow

It’s time for winter’s hubcaps

Winter is here, and, from where I sit, cold-weather crappie fishing keeps growing in popularity. There are ever-growing numbers of serious, hardcore crappie anglers who know that winter in the Deep South, especially here in Mississippi, can produce the largest lunkers of the year. […]

Hog Hunting

Wild hogs — our other big game

What was supposed to be a non-typical deer hunt quickly turned into something completely different. Non-typical because we were hunting with handguns in the pursuit of a bit more challenge than the usual shoulder-mounted deer rifle and big-end scope. Turns out for a few minutes another quarry in the woods may have been stalking us. […]


Best is Yet to Come

With some of the highest deer densities in the nation and a hunting season that spans over a third of the year, one would assume that scoring on a Mississippi trophy whitetail would be an easy task. However, the reality is that many Magnolia State hunters find themselves empty-handed going into the New Year, and are ready to call it quits. […]


Low is Lovely

While the Mississippi River was far from setting any kind of record for flood stages, duck hunters from all across the state agreed that the 2009-10 duck season was a wet one. Many hunters reported that there was just too much water, especially in the Delta region, for ducks to have to commit to just one area to feed and loaf. […]