Hog Hunting

A big-bore revolver hog hunt

I was sitting on an East Texas pipeline, cradling my 7 1/2-inch Ruger Super Redhawk in my lap, watching a pile of corn that had been scattered about the area and trampled with hundreds of hog tracks.

My hand cannon was stuffed with 335-grain hard-cast bullets in .454 Casull, a potent enough load in itself, but this went the extra step. These rounds were manufactured by Cor-Bon — a company that found its niche in the ammunition market by producing ammo that pushed the envelope. […]


Semiautomatic fish finder operation

In the early days of automatic fish finder operation, I advised serious anglers to switch to manual mode where they could tune in a much better look at the underwater world. I think that has changed, and I now suggest that fishermen run their units in auto mode and just tweak the settings where they see problems. […]

Deer Hunting

When in doubt, back out

Busted! Ever happen to you? While slipping into your favorite hunting stand, playing the wind just right, sun at your back, sprayed down with scent killer, walking quietly in rubber boots, you slowly creep around the corner and BAM, there stands a huge buck right in the middle of the food plot blocking your access to the stand.

And he’s looking right at you.

What do you do now? […]

As Big As they Grow

Chotard puts on a show

Happy New Year! Can you believe it? We’re punching out 2012 and knocking on the 2013 door. My, how time flies when you’re having fun and getting older. The Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations are behind us, and we’re ringing in the New Year as you read this crappie colum […]