New PLBs can be real lifesavers

Emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs) have long been required equipment on commercial vessels and a smart addition for all larger boats. The introduction of the personal locator beacon (PLB), a smaller and manually operated version of the EPIRB, has spread the use of maritime distress beacons to smaller boats and to inland users on both land and water. […]


Bet on Turkey Creek for March bass

As the weather warms, Mississippi bass will be moving to the spawning flats. I like to fish Turkey Creek in Decatur in March. This 400- to 500-acre lake has several pockets and arms with lily pads, which generally provide excellent spawning flats for bass. The stems represent the vertical structure that bass like to hold around, and the pads on the surface offer cover and shade. Baitfish, bream, crappie and all types of fish besides bass like to live under the lily pads. […]


Trophy Toms

Don Marascalco moved stealthily in the pre-dawn darkness shortly before daylight last April. The veteran turkey hunter had spotted a mature gobbler and a large harem of 24 hens in a pasture on a previous scouting trip near Meridian. […]