Delta Doozies

J.H. James of Natchez, owner and operator of the 2,000-acre Ellislee Plantation on the Homochitto River, has proven that anyone can have numbers of big-antlered Texas-style trophy bucks on his hunting lands, if he knows how to properly manage his deer herd. […]


Down to the Rub

Nothing excites a deer hunter more than finding a hot rub site. Seeing one glaring in the morning sunlight gives a similar warmth to the body like a NASCAR driver hearing the “start your engines” command and watching the green flag waving in the wind. […]


Take trip to battery fountain of youth

About 20 years ago, a company called PulseTech Products Corporation developed a way to cancel a process that prematurely “ages” lead-acid batteries, rendering most of them useless long before their components actually wear out. That process is called sulfation, and you have read about it in this column before. […]


Cool weather means hot fishing

The weather may be cooling down, but fishing off Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is heating up in October. Capt. Jonathan Richardson of Strictly Business Charters out of Point Cadet Marina in Biloxi likes to fish for big king mackerel in October when they come inshore to feed on red minnows. […]

As Big As they Grow

Break out cranks for super action

Are you ready for some football, I mean, some crappie fishing? Well, it’s here. That first little cool spell that we Mississippians call “football weather” is upon us. And, for me and lots of you, that first cool morning signals the beginning of one of the very best times of the year to catch a mess of white perch. […]


Can you quess the mystery camp?

WRITER’S NOTE: When this story first came out, a statewide guessing game started as Mississippi outdoorsmen tried to name the camp. To this date, I have never revealed which camp it was. If you think you know, email me your pick, giving me the camp’s name and location. […]


Mr. Bow Knows Bucks

Although 240 bowhunters took 82 deer at Willow Point last year, another 50 hunters shot and missed deer. We also try to take two does for every one buck harvested on our lands, but last year we didn’t meet this goal. We harvested only 138 does. […]