Bass Fishing

Autumn bites. Bogue Homa features early fall action

Lake Bogue Homa, 6 miles east of Laurel on Highway 84, was restocked by the state about three years ago. This lake, with its 15-inch size limit, has a healthy population of bass. You’ll catch numbers of small fish here, but also some 3- to 5-pounders. The lake holds a lot of vegetation, including lily pads, grass and cypress trees. […]


Time for a bowhunting tune up

Take a minute to pull back on your bow to see how your shoulder feels. “Ouch!” is a common response I hear around the bow shops this time of year. Hunters are getting ready for opening day of bowseason for whitetails on Oct. 1 (Oct. 15 in Southeast). It isn’t a moment too soon either. […]


Protect your electronics investment

There is a list of risks I won’t take with my electronics, and it starts with leaving them installed while trailering to and from the launching ramp. I started removing my fishfinders back in the days when a paper chart recorder weighed about 8 pounds and a friend at a repair center warned me that neither the units nor their mounting systems were designed to take the kind of shock loads they can get while trailering down a pot-holed highway. […]