The Cooyon Croaker

Zach Dubois, 24, has a highly successful sac-a-lait grub on the market and recently introduced the Cooyon Croaker, a plastic frog sure to appeal to bass fishermen wherever bass eat frogs.

Dubois said he fields many comments about his relative youth in the artificial lure manufacturing business. He realizes many people have been established in the market 40 to 80 years.


Deer Hunting

Ground proving buck age

We began a general discussion of this topic in the recent February, 2017 installment of Happy Trails. Let’s now go a little further and expand the discussion. Ground proving bucks means harvesting bucks that you believe meet your minimum goals, collecting their lower jaw bones for “tooth replacement/wear” age estimates, then comparing the earlier “live on-the-hoof” eyeball age estimate with the jawbone indicated age for confirmation or clarification. […]

Field Notes

What’s that limit? Fish Rules app knows

Anglers who fish often enough have often memorized the creel limits and size minimums for the species they target most often. It’s tough to find an inshore angler in Mississippi who doesn’t know their state’s regulations on flounder, speckled trout, black drum and redfish. But what happens when they catch another fish they rarely see?