Lucky Craft tops guides’ favorites list

The top bass lure for 2013 is the Lucky Craft.

As you prowl the aisles of the big-box tackle outlets or a well-stocked mom and pop shop, your eyes and brain begin to gloss over at the endless selection of bass fishing lures on display.

Learning the lure jargon is tough enough to stay in the game. Then you have color choices, hook placement and marketing hype to deal with.

How in the world does one pick a few lures that have some reasonable expectation of success?

In a recent national working survey of top bass anglers and guides, a list came out covering this season’s best of the best bass lures. A whole selection of lures was sent to 10 highly recognized guides and tournament fishermen across the country. They were assigned with examining each lure for realism, colorations, manufacturing quality and other factors designed to be effective at catching bass.

Then they were charged with taking each lure out on their favorite fishing waters to really put them to the test. There were clear winners and losers.

Among all the lures submitted for trials, the top bait chosen was the Lucky Craft Blade Cross (

This lure combines the working features of a jerk bait with the spinnerbait flash that catches the eyes of bass in all water clarities.

The lure’s willowleaf blade is 3 3/5-inch long and is slung underneath the minnow-like head from an extended bar. The lure is 4 ½ inches overall, and comes in 16 color mixes.

It retails for between $16 and $18.

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