C-MAP lets you customize inland and coastal mapping

New C-MAP cartography products combine C-MAP data with GoFree Insight Genesis data, including bottom contour, hardness transitions and even the recent locations of weed beds.

A bass club member I used to know was hilariously secretive about his tournament fishing. As we watched from the headquarters dock, he would circle around the far side of a lake before returning to weigh-in to hide where he’d been fishing.

Somewhere along his circle he’d stop and switch lures for some he hadn’t used.

He finally figured out we were onto him when he saw 2-foot-long plastic worms and teddy bears sporting huge hooks hanging from our rods at the dock.

The rest of us were happy to share where we found fish and how we caught them with anyone who asked. We would have fit right in with Navico’s Insight Genesis community.

Members simply record a sonar log on an SD card as they fish, upload it from their computer to the Genesis cloud, which automatically creates a custom “social” map including the fresh data.

And then all members of the community can use the custom maps to determine depth contours and locate bottom structure, bottom hardness transitions and submerged vegetation.

Each sonar log is automatically tagged with weather, temperature and barometric pressure readings taken while on the water.

No additional hardware or personal wizardry is required. Insight Genesis uses cloud-based processing and storage to work with Navico’s compatible Lowrance, Simrad and B&G sonar/chart plotters, and the personal computer you already own.

These new charting packages will be offered both as an option and as embedded cartography for these Navico units; Furuno and Raymarine users will also be able to access Insight products when made available in upcoming C-MAP 4D releases.

The Insight Genesis cloud uses several remote servers to store and protect your custom maps, which can then be downloaded through any Internet connection. This serves as a super backup for lost or damaged SD cards.

The new U.S. mapping products include C-MAP Insight Pro for coastal fishermen and C-MAP Lake Insight HD for inland fishermen. They combine the chart detail, extra content and graphic presentation of C-MAP’s cartography with millions of acres of custom data from the Insight Genesis Social Map (which is customized daily by submissions from users).

Fishermen-specific program features include a custom color palette to highlight depth ranges you choose, state fish and wildlife regulations and fish records, fishing hot spots points of interest and lake-specific fishing tips and techniques.

C-MAP’s high-resolution bathymetric chart detail helps coastal anglers, as do the extensive collection of harbor charts and a port information database.

An Easy Routing feature facilitates faster and safer navigation, and an Active Captain feature lists points of interest.

All of this comes on a single SD card covering the contiguous United States.

The inland product, C-MAP Lake Insight HD, offers inland users all the lake-related features and content of C-MAP Insight Pro along with Satellite Image Overlay and Aerial Imagery capabilities.

Visit c-map.com for more information on Insight Pro, Lake Insight HD, and the complete line of C-MAP commercial products.

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