Android users can now upload photos to reports forum, classified section users can now upload photos to the reports forum and classifieds section right from their Android devices.

Sharing outdoor experiences with other sportsmen is now a breeze for Android users, who can upload photos to the reports forum right from their mobile devices.

“Now you can snap a photo of that big deer, a buddy with a lunker bass or a table full of crappie and instantly upload it to the reports forum – just like you would from your computer,”’s Andy Crawford said. “Of course, you also can add photos to classifieds now.”

That’s because many of the latest Android devices include browsers that work seamlessly with the reports forum and free classified section, so no app or download is needed to post photos.

Some Android devices may not support browsing to photo galleries, but a single download of the free Opera Mini browser provides a work-around.

Smartphone users have always had the ability to post reports, but site administrators have been working to find a way to allow mobile users to include photos without downloading a separate app.

“We have been looking for an alternative to an app so our mobile users would enjoy the richest possible Web experience, so we were excited to learn recently that most Android browsers have been upgraded to work with our system,” Crawford said. “‚ÄúThis means most Android users can enjoy full functionality on our site without having to do anything differently.”

Android users who experience problems with the native operating system, can find the download link for Opera Mini on the photo-upload page.

“Once you download Opera Mini, just use that browser to access our site and you won’t even know there’s a difference from your computer,”’s Greg Dutreix said.

The move is a quantum leap for the site, since mobile devices are increasing in popularity.

“A growing number of people use their phones and tablets to access the Web site, so this is the perfect solution,” Crawford said. “Now users can use their Android phones and tablets to access all portions of the site just like they’re on their home computer or laptop.”

Unfortunately, photo posting from iPhones and iPads still is not available. All other functionality, including posting reports, works from Apple devices.

“We’re working on a solution for our Apple users, and are hoping to have everything ironed out by the early 2012,” Crawford said.

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