Homemade scent bombs have advantages

A pill bottle or film canister, cotton, a square of nylon hosiery and a rubber band can make a great homemade scent bomb.

A great homemade “scent bomb” to distribute doe-in-heat or other attractant scents around your deer stand is as simple as a pill bottle from your local pharmacy or an empty film canister.

Take off the top and stuff the bottle/canister with cotton; cotton balls or rolls of dental cotton work great. Cut a square of nylon from a pair of your wife’s discarded hose — make sure it’s a discarded pair or you could be in trouble — big enough to easily cover the opening in the top of the bottle, then wrap a rubber band around the bottle/canister and hosiery to keep it in place.

Soak your cotton in liquid deer scent before you put the nylon in place and replace the top. You can freshen it as needed by pouring the scent through the nylon.

Because the nylon holds the cotton in the bottle, you can wait until you’re in your stand before distributing the scent bombs around your tree. That eliminates the possibility that a buck may be drawn to the scent before legal hunting time arrives. When it gets light enough to see, you can take the tops off and toss the bottles out in any or all directions around your stand.

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