Wide-angle trail cams yield more information

The new Moultrie Panoramic 150 provides a wider angle of view, helping hunters identify deer and putting a pattern to their growth and movement.

Success with trail cameras varies widely, despite the technological advances over the past decade.

The market has so many models with so many features and so many complicated settings and options, yet the failure rate continues to be high. Quality varies not only in sheer camera performance, but also in the products some of them produce. It is a frustrating situation for game managers and deer hunters.

“I have tried so many different brands and kinds of cameras I could not possibly count them all,” said Kerry French. “I have spent as much time returning faulty cameras to the original store of purchase than buying them to start with.

“The odd part is that I can buy two of the exact same camera models at the exact same time, and one will work fine and the other one either never works or it fails within a few days.”

It was frustrating, but during his search for the best camera, the hunter learned one feature that was absolutely necessary — a wide-angle view.

“The most frustrating thing I hate about most cameras is their rather narrow field of view,” French said. “Some are better than others, but many of the cameras I have tried simply produce shots of deer with heads or bodies out of the camera view. Imagine how disappointing it is to have a camera hung for a week, then you find half the deer heads are not in the photo.

“Well, that problem was finally solved when shopping outdoor gear one day, I discovered a new type of camera. The name on the packaging caught my eye, and I knew I needed to try one.”

The find was the Moultrie Panoramic 150.

“A quick read on the box convinced me to buy it,” French said. “It said, ‘Ideal for open woods or fields, the Panoramic 150’s super-wide field of view is almost three times more than most game cameras, so you get a more comprehensive picture of your territory.’”

French made the purchase and learned it delivered as promised.

The camera lists essential features including a passive infrared motion sensor, a multi-shot mode that allows the camera to record multiple photos per trigger, a speedy reset of only 1 second after the camera trigger fires, and of course, the 150 degree diagonal viewing area that is recorded by this panoramic camera.

The Moultrie 150 uses 6 C-cell alkaline batteries that will record up to 9,000 images, and it can handle SD/SDHC cards up to 32 GB.

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