Hype for Snipe

Nate Young shot these birds on a quick field flush on Christmas Eve.

This underrated bird provides incredible sport and excellent meals this time of year.

As duck season fades away and deer season wanes, most hunters begin to retire to their warm homes to recuperate after a long season. A few may go afield for late-season rabbit hunts and a February squirrel or two, but few have wingshooting on their minds this late in the year.

Truth be told, the only two birds Mississippi hunters really care about are doves and ducks. But what if you could combine the fast-paced action of dove hunting with the watery environment that accompanies duck hunting? What if there were a way to extend your hunting opportunities on that high-dollar duck lease, or get out on coveted public land and not be subject to the draw system and elbow-to-elbow crowds?

Well, there is.

There is a fast-flying, hard-to-hit, tasty little bird that frequents the marshes and flooded fields throughout the Magnolia State that very few hunters even give the time of day. The hunting season opens in November and runs through the end of February and the limit is eight per day. The chances are very high that if you should choose to take to the field after this species, you will be alone and have vast amounts of acreage all to yourself.
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