Other Hunting

Hype for Snipe

As duck season fades away and deer season wanes, most hunters begin to retire to their warm homes to recuperate after a long season. A few may go afield for late-season rabbit hunts and a February squirrel or two, but few have wingshooting on their minds this late in the year. […]

Inshore Fishing

The secrets of Cat Island

Cat Island, only 7 miles from Long Beach Harbor, may have the best and most-dependable fishing year-round off the Mississippi Coast. One of the advantages that anglers have who go to Cat Island to fish during January is that they always can find protected waters there with speckled trout and redfish. […]


Duck hunting potholes

Virtually all of the waterfowl hunting done in Tallahatchie County with Catfish Flautt is over small water-holding areas and assorted water resources duck hunters have always referred to as potholes. These “open waters” are not lake size by any means; potholes can be everything from a small depression in a field of corn or soybeans to a low-lying area along a creek, bayou or slough. […]

Deer Hunting

Stability a must

Making long shots absolutely requires a rock-solid shooting platform.

“No person is going to free-hand one and hit one, that’s for sure,” Joe Poole said. “I’ve never shot a deer free-hand past 250 yards and hit it, and that was when I was young.” […]


The Community Scrape

In search of vegetative foliage, five bucks ­— a mature 8-pointer, a 3½-year-old, two spunky spikes and a curious button buck — go single file along the forest edge, ascending a bluff. Occasionally the group stops to forage; yet one of the spikes and the button buck, by instinct, prefer to assertively test their status with bouts of mock sparring. […]