QMaxx’s BLU

Gun owners have a long menu of choices when it comes to protecting their firearms, and a St. Louis-based company, QMaxx Products, has joined the fray with a pretty powerful entry.

QMaxx’s “BLU” is a one-step gun and knife cleaner, lubricant and rust/corrosion preventative that comes in packages as small as 2 ounces to 1 gallon — a big drawing card for professional gunsmiths.

BLU can be used to clean firearms, from rifles and shotguns to blackpowder weapons, and it can be sprayed on all surfaces to prevent rust. It dries quickly and is not oily or tacky, and it prevents the blued or steel surfaces of firearms from picking up any dust, grit, grime or even fingerprints. The company boasts that salt-fog tests in laboratories prove that BLU protects up to 300 percent longer than leading gun oils.

BLU is available in wipe packets, lubricating pens, 2-, 8- and 16-ounce spray bottles and a 1-gallon bulk container, priced between $1.99 for individual wipe packets to $28.99 for the 16-ounce trigger spray bottles.

More Info: www.qmaxxproducts.com

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