Hunters have long been trying to block or camouflage their natural smell from game animals, using scent sprays to camouflage those aromas, storing their hunting clothes in containers that keep them away from unwanted odors or even buying clothes treated with scent blockers.

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris has entered the market through his Pittsburgh-based company, Silversport, which is offering hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts and socks treated with his Silver Clean technology in Mossy Oak camoflage.

Silversport hunting clothes are infused with nano-sized particles of silver — silver ions — that block odor-causing microorganisms from attaching to or penetrating clothing, which largely prevents the human body odor that game animals can detect with their superior senses of smell.

Balacavas, neck guards, camouflage hoodies, t-shirts and socks are available from Silversport in Mossy Oak. Prices start at $15 and range upward.

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