FORLOH Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

Camouflage, quick-dry, comfortable hunting shirt

Looking for the perfect warm-weather turkey camo shirt? It’s right here. FORLOH’s hooded long sleeve shirt is lightweight, quick-drying and has the company’s brrr Pro cooling minerals built in to its fibers. It also offers a 50 UPF rating, protecting you from the sun while you concentrate on getting that gobbler into range.

The high-tech fabric also keeps you odor free, so it’s a great shirt for early deer season too. Or for kicking around camp without offending your hunting partners.

Available in Deep Cover and Exposed camo patterns, it’ll keep you hidden nicely while the hood gets you through the cool, early morning without cold ears.

When waterfowl season rolls back around, use this as a base layer for ultimate comfort.

The garment’s high-quality stiching, relaxed fit, hyper-wicking and ultra-comfortable materials will keep you wearing it long after the hunt is over.

Like all FORLOH products, this shirt is 100% sourced and made in the USA.

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