Deer Hunting

Supplemental feeding in better focus

In last month’s installment we discussed minerals and supplemental feeding of deer in Mississippi. This is still a controversial subject depending on who you talk to. Proponents call it supplemental feeding, opponents call it deer baiting. It has been two years now since the MDWFP loosened the regulations regarding: Rule 2.4 — Supplemental Feeding of Wild Animals Outside of Wildlife Enclosures. Let’s drill down on this subject a little deeper and see what is legal and what is not, and how to properly use supplemental feeding to best affect.  […]

Bass Fishing

Rez fares well on Elite stage

Following many years of planning and anticipation, the Bassmaster Elite Series added a stop at Ross Barnett Reservoir on its 2017 tour. The anglers were promised big bass in a growing fishery and scored a late spring date for the event during the last week of April. […]

Bass Fishing

“Pick” your peg

Texas rigging those big worms is a no-brainer for summer fishing, but have you given much thought to the notion of pegging that sinker? Todd Faircloth sure has, and the Bassmaster Elite Series pro offers some insight worth considering. […]

Bass Fishing

Great August fishing awaits you at Ross Barnett

Because bass don’t have sunscreen, sunglasses or air conditioning, in August, they’re looking for shade and cool water. Ross Barnett Reservoir has numerous lily pads, providing shade and cooler water where the baitfish also can feed on the algae on the lily pads’ bottoms, and big, thick clumps of grass. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Fish Sensory Systems – Part 2

Part 1 of this three-part series explored vision. Light travels rapidly through water and, as such, provides real-time information about a fish’s environment. If the fish sees it, it’s there. If it moves, the fish sees it move. As a source of information, chemicals are at the opposite end of the communication spectrum. Chemicals travel slowly and, at best, provide imprecise information about the location of the source. Nevertheless, detection of chemical cues can be very important to feeding. […]