As Big As they Grow

Chotard better than ever

The fall 2011 fishing season has provided some surprises and some wonderful crappie fishing for lots of us Mississippians. First of all, the weather changes have been more abrupt, with cold weather fronts coming more often and with greater intensity than recent years. […]

Inshore Fishing

A new winter tradition

During December, most of us are thinking about Santa Claus, children getting out of school and upcoming bowl games. However, on Christmas Day, when the presents are all unwrapped, and the toys are put away, these memories still aren’t nearly as long-lasting as fishing trips with mom and dad. […]

Bass Fishing

Winter bass

If you like to catch big bass, appreciate solitude on the lake, and know how to dress for cold weather, good bass fishing awaits you in Mississippi’s waters. December signals the end of fall fishing and the start of winter fishing throughout the northern two-thirds of the Magnolia State. And there are bass to be caught. […]

Deer Hunting

Eyes in the woods

The firestorm over the use of digital trail cameras for deer hunting rages on. The debate among hunters is whether the information revealed by trail cameras is of any real value or is it just imagined? […]

Deer Hunting

Moultrie proves good things come in small packages

Moultrie has entered the mini game camera market this year with a bang, introducing the Game Spy M-80 and Game Spy M-100 infrared cameras. Each infrared camera is loaded with features like widescreen pictures and videos, new Illumi-Night sensor, Plot Stalker time-lapse mode battery-life calculator and up to one-year battery life – all in a unit smaller than your hand. […]