Field Notes

Fool a snow

As soon as duck season ends, a choice few waterfowlers will pack away their duck decoys and layout boats and unload masses of white decoy shells for the snow goose conservation season. […]


For geese, it’s all about corn

Paul Fitts of Fitts Farms Inc., in Moorhead said current corn production makes the middle Delta ideal for goose hunting, although the duck-hunting prospects have diminished a bit because of a lack of water. […]


Specklebelly waltz — Hunting Delta geese

With each dip of his kayak paddle, 13-year-old Grady Gunn glided through the slough on the outskirts of Moorhead toward the last downed gadwall of the morning hunt. By the time the paddler returned to the shoreline, a roar was beginning to build. […]


The right goose-hunting shot

With all the preparation that goes into scouting birds, securing permission to hunt an area and then creating a hospitable spread, the last thing you want to do is come under-gunned. Golding’s advice is to leave the duck loads at home and bring out the heavy artillery. […]