Floods remind of batture’s value

As I write this column, the Mississippi River — the third largest river in the world — is 10 feet above flood stage, 2 feet below the record high and almost 20 feet above the average stage for this time of year. It’s a tense time for people who live and work along the Big River. […]


Crank It Up

The way Steve Barnett harps on location, you’d think he was a real estate agent. Actually, the tournament angler/bass guide is most proficient at putting a crankbait in the right spot to make an easy sale to any bass with an appetite. […]


25 Common Denominators

For as long as hunters have been pursuing the great white-tailed deer for food or trophy, they have been comparing notes. Multiple generations of hunters, wildlife managers and deer researchers have been amassing data sets and knowledge about the commonalities among whitetails. […]

Bass Fishing

Bass in a Bream Lake

I recall my wife forcing me to go to a wedding that I didn’t want to attend. My position was that they were her old high-school friends, and since I didn’t really know any of them, I wasn’t going to waste my day. […]