Whitetail Freaks

If you spend much time in the world of the whitetail, you are sure to see that Mother Nature can throw a few curve balls. Each year, a variety of downright weird whitetail specimens are brought to skinning sheds. These whitetail freaks fall into three general abnormality categories: antler, skeletal and color. And while these abnormalities have little or no impact on deer populations, they do create a great deal of curiosity because of their uniqueness. […]

Bass Fishing

Ledges hold Pickwick bass this month

In June, the ledges at Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River in North Mississippi heat up for bass fishing, and catching and releasing 40 to 50 a day isn’t uncommon. To catch these bass, you’ll have to fish the mid-river section, targeting humps, ledges, mussel bars and the secondary bars just off the river. You’ll find the bass from 17- to 23-feet deep. […]


Put a 12-volt meteorologist in your boat

Weather can kill people in boats and be downright sneaky while doing it. When fishing Lake Tawakoni in East Texas, for instance, I remember how blue northers would slide by just clear of the west side of the lake, like they were going to miss us, and then circle around to come north right over the dam and hit the lake. […]

As Big As they Grow

It’s the summer season, thank goodness

Writing this monthly column serves as a fishing calendar for me, and because my monthly entry in this magazine must be turned in a full month before the issue date, it serves to cause me to look ahead, to get ready for what’s coming. That is, as I write this June column, which will deal with summer patterns and techniques, I’m actually still trying to figure out this April’s crappie spawn on Barnett Reservoir. […]


Cat Man

Catfish jugging used to be a common sport around big and small lakes and farm ponds, but folks seem to have gotten away from it as a popular catfishing tactic. Well, that is except for a few folks like John Mark Cockrell of Brandon who has just recently rediscovered not only the fun of running jugs for catfish but also the productivity of the angling strategy. […]