The safety bullet

If you’ve ever set nails in concrete with an explosive shell, you’re going to be familiar with the operational concept of one of the newest and most innovative firearms safety devices on the market.

It is called the “Safety Bullet.” […]

Bass Fishing

Bass Trap back in action

A machinist’s touch has made all the difference in the world to a spinnerbait made in the Sportsman’s Paradise. Just ask some bass anglers by the name of Shaw Grigsby and Kevin Van Dam, who make sure they get their hands on the lure any time they get to Louisiana. […]


Super portable GPS

When the press release about Garmin’s new marine-oriented Quatix sport watch hit my inbox, I opened it with lukewarm enthusiasm — but the more I read about it the more excited I got.

Two basic advantages of a watch with built-in GPS are that you don’t have to set it manually when you cross into another time zone and it can be accurate to within about a billionth of a second or, say, within one second every 30,000 years. […]

Deer Hunting

Field judging bucks in the real world

In the January issue we covered the topic of “aging bucks on the hoof.” As pointed out, the art of “eyeball aging” of live bucks has traditionally relied on their being classified by relatively clear physiological body characteristics, patterns of behavior and relative antler size differences. […]